The Savoy Hotel / Pre-Launch of 'Shop At The Savoy'

Concept design, sourcing, briefing and overseeing of fabrication and install of showcases.

Design and fabrication of installation pieces working with stylist Abi Boura

Commissioned by
Change Retail
The Savoy Hotel - Shop At The Savoy

Shop At The Savoy is a dedicated 5 star luxury service and retail collection designed to bring the best of London to Savoy guests and visitors. The 26 cabinet installations, were created to announce the imminent arrival of this new service. Using a design approach based on Alice in Wonderland’s ‘through the keyhole’ and ‘curious and curiouser’ with an over arching theme of 'Insiders London Unwrapped' visitors were enticed to ‘peek’ through the keyholes to the whimsical scenes that lay behind.

Graphic support
View Creative / Morning Design
Fabrication and install of internal showcases
Minki Balinki
Print production and installation
The Savoy Hotel - Shop At The Savoy
The Savoy Hotel - Shop At The Savoy